A Few Tips on Party-Proofing Your Living Room

  If you have a child chances are that your home is already child-proof, which means you’re only a few steps away from party-proofing your living room.   It’s one thing to have your children and a few of their friends over for a play date, but it can be something entirely different to have 15 of their classmates over for action games, crafts and snacks. If you’re hosting the party in your home, be sure that it’s party proof and that you’ve taken the necessary precautions so that your young guests can play safely and so that you can have peace of mind.   Here are a few tips to get you started:
  • – The night before the party, walk through your home and take the route the children may take from the entrance to the living room, bathroom and your child’s bedroom. (It’s likely they’ll make their way there.) Make sure that any potentially breakables and other valuable items you don’t want to take any risks with are stored away.
  • – If you’re planning on playing games and doing activities in the living room, create sufficient space and make sure sharp edges on furniture are covered or arrange them in such a way to prevent an accident from happening.
  • – If you have a carpeted living room, you may want to consider taping a large tarp over the area that will be used for play and snacks.
  • – Safety gates, set up at strategic places will help to keep the young guests in the designated party area.
  The above are just a few basic pointers for party proofing a living room. We’d love to hear any ideas you have on this topic, so please feel free to share them in the comments section.   Stay tuned for new services and packages which will be coming soon.