BFG – Balloons, Face-painting, & Games

Last week Let’s Party received a unique request: “My daughter wants party games for her birthday.
you have a 2 hour show for a group of 10 year olds?” They didn’t want costumes, balloons, or face painting as they didn’t want it to be “childish”.
However, 2 hours of just games can be too much for even the most party-game loving tween.
We ended up doing an hour of games, each one lasting about 10 minutes. Games like “freeze dance”, “musical chairs”, “charade relay”, “egg spoon relay”, and “find the dancer” had all the kids up and having a great time. After that we moved on to teaching how to make balloon animals. One of the performers taught the basics of balloon art, and the other started doing face / hand painting. The unicorn was a popular request as was the dragon.
After 90 minutes of action games, balloon twisting, and face painting, the happy tweens were ready for the birthday cake.
The success of this show inspired us to offer a new program.
It’s the ideal program for the tween who has grown out of themed parties and just wants to have fun with their friends. This show offers a lot of variety, and the tweens love learning new things and partying it up at the same time. It’s the perfect mix of feeling “grown up” while letting loose like a kid, and that what tweens are all about.
If you’re interested in a flexible program that will be entertaining and educational, book us for the Balloon, Face painting and Games program.