Lets Party Tokyo Pirates Ahoy Matey! Lets Party Tokyo performers bring you an exciting, adventure-packed Pirate Show! This is an ideal show for Halloween parties and pirate/princess themed parties. 


We’ll also be giving a 2,000~4,000 yen discount on any bookings for the Pirate Show and the Pirate Show Deluxe for the whole month of October. Keep on reading to find out what this show includes.


The Pirate Show Program

As usual, you get 2 experienced performers in complete Pirate outfits who will lead your guests on a treasure hunt, pirate games, and will make each guest look even more piratey with fantastic pirate face paint designs and balloons. There’s also a fun bit of pirate magic that gets the audience involved.


Treasure Hunt & Pirate Games

We can help prepare and help lead the young guests on a treasure hunt. We’ve also got lots of pirate games to play. Walk the Plank, Musical Islands, Blind Folded Duel, are just some of the great pirate games we have prepared.

Balloon Swords, Hats, Parrots & Face Painting

Pirate swords made out of balloons means that no one gets hurt, even if a few of the young pirates get a bit carried away. Face painting is an important part of making each of the guests look like true gritty pirates.


Funny Pirate Magic

We have some fun pirate magic which will allow the birthday boy or girl help out, and which all will enjoy.

Book us now by calling or writing us at: 080 3272 5194 or letspartytokyo@gmail.com