The Magic Class is a unique program that allows your child and all your guests to gain some intriguing new skills while also enjoying an entertaining magic show.


Here’s a simple overview of the magical skills your child will learn and the accompanying kit for each party attendee:


Magic Kit: We’ll teach your child not only how the magic is done, but they will also receive their own kit so they can continue practicing on their own. The kit includes a short length of rope, a deck of cards, a magic wand, a pack of crayons, all combined in a zip-lock bag, which is also used in one of the routines.


Sleight of Hand and Misdirection: These are skills apprentice magicians must master, and we teach the basics of how it works and when to use it.


Showmanship: We teach kids not only the mechanics of how a magic trick is done, but also how to make the magic interesting.


With each magic routine, first we perform the magic routine, then we ask the audience to guess how it’s done. This is followed by a detailed explanation and another run-through of the routine from a different angle. Finally, we hand out the props to the audience and practice the routine altogether, before moving on to our next demonstration.

We wrap up the show by having all the children take the Magicians Oath, (to not tell the secrets of the magic tricks and to eat all their vegetables). We then go on to make balloons for all the young magicians.


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FAQ on the Magic Class


Q: What’s the ideal age range for the Magic Class?

A: We’ve found that this is a fantastic program for 7 year olds on up, but we’ve also done it for some 5 and 6 year olds, who sat through the full hour learning each routine along with the older ones.


Q: What are the 5 magic routines you teach?

A: This is best shown and not explained, but here’s a simple overview:

  • Mr. Bagee does tricks: Using the ziplock bag we introduce a small friend that obeys commands.
  • Sniffing Out the Chosen Card: Every magician needs to know at least one bit of magic using cards, and this is a great routine that uses a normal deck of cards.
  • The Magic Knot/Not Really a Knot: Rope magic! Magically tying a knot, and also sliding a knot off the length of rope.
  • Colorful Mind Reading: Mental telepathy using crayons.
  • Two Boys: A trick with a great story, which uses the magic wand and also some sleight of hand.