Lets Party Tokyo brings you another action packed party program that your energetic kids will love—the Ninja Show!


The Ninja Show

In this party package, two Ninja performers will take your kids on a Ninja-training adventure. We will start off with some stretches before we head into our strength training (push-ups), basic Karate class, balance training (walking across a tightly stretched rope, on the floor), agility training (jumping over and ducking under balloon obstacles) and disguise tactics (Uzura-gakure).


Origami Shuriken

We include a fun Ninja Star/Shuriken-making origami lesson, followed by a Shuriken throwing contest. Each child takes home the Shuriken they made as a keepsake!

Ninja Magic (included in the 90 minute program)

We also have some Ninja-style magic and we’ll have the birthday boy or girl assist us in amazing the audience.


Ninja Challenge and Balloon Swords

Next up, we have Ninja balloon swords for all the young ninjas… but wait! To earn their balloon swords, they must first duel with one of the Ninja masters.


Optional Ninja Tattoo-styled Face Painting (optional with the 90 minute program)

A fun option to add is the Ninja tattoo-styled face painting and hand painting. Dragons, tigers, or the kanji for Ninja are some of the cool options.


To book us for the brand-new Ninja Show shoot us an email at

You can also reach us at 080-3272-5194.