Star Warriors

Lets Party Tokyo brings you another exciting party program that will make your child’s birthday party a blast. If you and your child are Star Wars fans, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy this show. If you’re looking for a program that will not just entertain, but get the kids involved in crafts and action games, then look no further.


Star Warriors Program

Two experienced performers in Jed Knight costumes take the young Padewans on a training adventure. First they learn to use the Force and how to perform a Jedi mind-trick. For younger children we will perform it for them, for older children, they learn how to perform it themselves.


Blaster Training with NERF Guns

Star Wars Nerf


We teach the kids about basic gun safety,

and how to take aim and shoot.
They will all be given a chance to shoot at Stormtrooper targets using Nerf guns and foam bullets.

Light Saber Making

To become a true Jedi Knight the young trainees must complete the final test and make their own Light Saber. Using markers, carbon fiber wrap, and craft paper, each child gets to draw and design the handles which are then wrapped around the balloon sabers.

Star Wars Nerf TargetsLight Saber Crafting

Balloon Light Saber

We’ll teach basic moves, and lead the children through Light Saber games and they might even get to use their new skills against a Star Wars villain.


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