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Star Warriors Program

Star Warriors

Lets Party Tokyo brings you another exciting party program that will make your child’s birthday party a blast. If you and your child are Star Wars fans, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy this show. If you’re looking for a program that will not just entertain, but get the kids involved in crafts and action games, then look no further.


Star Warriors Program

Two experienced performers in Jed Knight costumes take the young Padewans on a training adventure. First they learn to use the Force and how to perform a Jedi mind-trick. For younger children we will perform it for them, for older children, they learn how to perform it themselves.


Blaster Training with NERF Guns

Star Wars Nerf


We teach the kids about basic gun safety,

and how to take aim and shoot.
They will all be given a chance to shoot at Stormtrooper targets using Nerf guns and foam bullets.

Light Saber Making

To become a true Jedi Knight the young trainees must complete the final test and make their own Light Saber. Using markers, carbon fiber wrap, and craft paper, each child gets to draw and design the handles which are then wrapped around the balloon sabers.

Star Wars Nerf TargetsLight Saber Crafting

Balloon Light Saber

We’ll teach basic moves, and lead the children through Light Saber games and they might even get to use their new skills against a Star Wars villain.


If you’re interesting in booking us for this show go to our website, call or write us at

The Ninja Show


Lets Party Tokyo brings you another action packed party program that your energetic kids will love—the Ninja Show!


The Ninja Show

In this party package, two Ninja performers will take your kids on a Ninja-training adventure. We will start off with some stretches before we head into our strength training (push-ups), basic Karate class, balance training (walking across a tightly stretched rope, on the floor), agility training (jumping over and ducking under balloon obstacles) and disguise tactics (Uzura-gakure).


Origami Shuriken

We include a fun Ninja Star/Shuriken-making origami lesson, followed by a Shuriken throwing contest. Each child takes home the Shuriken they made as a keepsake!


The Magic Class

The Magic Class is a unique program that allows your child and all your guests to gain some intriguing new skills while also enjoying an entertaining magic show.


Here’s a simple overview of the magical skills your child will learn and the accompanying kit for each party attendee:


Magic Kit: We’ll teach your child not only how the magic is done, but they will also receive their own kit so they can continue practicing on their own. The kit includes a short length of rope, a deck of cards, a magic wand, a pack of crayons, all combined in a zip-lock bag, which is also used in one of the routines.


Sleight of Hand and Misdirection: These are skills apprentice magicians must master, and we teach the basics of how it works and when to use it.


Showmanship: We teach kids not only the mechanics of how a magic trick is done, but also how to make the magic interesting.


With each magic routine, first we perform the magic routine, then we ask the audience to guess how it’s done. This is followed by a detailed explanation and another run-through of the routine from a different angle. Finally, we hand out the props to the audience and practice the routine altogether, before moving on to our next demonstration.


The Pirate Show!

Lets Party Tokyo Pirates Ahoy Matey! Lets Party Tokyo performers bring you an exciting, adventure-packed Pirate Show! This is an ideal show for Halloween parties and pirate/princess themed parties. 


We’ll also be giving a 2,000~4,000 yen discount on any bookings for the Pirate Show and the Pirate Show Deluxe for the whole month of October. Keep on reading to find out what this show includes.


The Pirate Show Program

As usual, you get 2 experienced performers in complete Pirate outfits who will lead your guests on a treasure hunt, pirate games, and will make each guest look even more piratey with fantastic pirate face paint designs and balloons. There’s also a fun bit of pirate magic that gets the audience involved.


Treasure Hunt & Pirate Games

We can help prepare and help lead the young guests on a treasure hunt. We’ve also got lots of pirate games to play. Walk the Plank, Musical Islands, Blind Folded Duel, are just some of the great pirate games we have prepared.

Balloon Swords, Hats, Parrots & Face Painting

Pirate swords made out of balloons means that no one gets hurt, even if a few of the young pirates get a bit carried away. Face painting is an important part of making each of the guests look like true gritty pirates.


Funny Pirate Magic

We have some fun pirate magic which will allow the birthday boy or girl help out, and which all will enjoy.

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July Sale – Face-Painting Value Option 50% OFF



Butterflies are popular with the girls

We’re happy to announce that the Extra Value Face-painting option will be on a 50% OFF sale for parties that are planned for the month of July.

This option can be added to either the Party Program 1 or Party Program 2. The fee for the face-painting option is usually 10,000 yen when added to Party Program 1 or 2, but for the month of July it will be at the give-away price of 5,000 yen.

You have all of July to cash in on this great deal! To book us or to find out more about our services visit the following webpage:


Many kids ask for something on their arm instead of on their face


The No-makeup Option

There are times that less is more, or at least better and that applies for clown makeup as well. This is especially true whenthere are young children who don’t have a concept of clowns, who have never met one before, and who might be frightened of a clown with a painted face.

When you book us for a show, you always have the option of requesting “no-makeup”, if you think some of the children might be frightened by clowns with painted faces. Very young children, even if it is their first time to meet a clown will warm up to us. But for very young children, we’ve found that putting on less makeup, or even just wearing our colorful costumes is better.

If your child is not so fond of clowns, but you’re looking for some magic and balloon entertainment, we do that as well. We’re still our funny selves, but we can tone down the clown look, and show up as a colorfully dressed “Balloon Man”. Let us know what you’re looking for, and as always we’re happy to adjust what we do to meet your specific needs.



A Few Tips on Party-Proofing Your Living Room

If you have a child chances are that your home is already child-proof, which means you’re only a few steps away from party-proofing your living room.

It’s one thing to have your children and a few of their friends over for a play date, but it can be something entirely different to have 15 of their classmates over for action games, crafts and snacks. If you’re hosting the party in your home, be sure that it’s party proof and that you’ve taken the necessary precautions so that your young guests can play safely and so that you can have peace of mind.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

– The night before the party, walk through your home and take the route the children may take from the entrance to the living room, bathroom and your child’s bedroom. (It’s likely they’ll make their way there.) Make sure that any potentially breakables and other valuable items you don’t want to take any risks with are stored away.

– If you’re planning on playing games and doing activities in the living room, create sufficient space and make sure sharp edges on furniture are covered or arrange them in such a way to prevent an accident from happening.

– If you have a carpeted living room, you may want to consider taping a large tarp over the area that will be used for play and snacks.

– Safety gates, set up at strategic places will help to keep the young guests in the designated party area.

The above are just a few basic pointers for party proofing a living room. We’d love to hear any ideas you have on this topic, so please feel free to share them in the comments section.

Stay tuned for new services and packages which will be coming soon.

Birthday Party Games- Part Two

Pin the Nose on the Clown

There are many variations to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, and you can make small adjustments to this game to make it match the party theme. Here are a few ideas:

– Pin the tiara on the Princess

– Pin the glasses on Harry Potter

– Pin the ballet shoes on the ballerina

– Pin the ball in the catchers mitt

and lastly our favorite, pin the nose on the clown.

What you need:

– a simple blindfold for this game.

– A large drawing or print out of a Clown (donkey, princess or whatever you choose)

– Red noses with double sided tape on one side

– A suitable wall to place the picture of the clown

– Line the children up facing the picture

– You can gently spin the child once or twice before they have their turn

For a younger crowd we may bring a big drawing of a clown, and pull out crayons and let the children color the clown before starting the game. This was a big hit at the last party I performed at where the age range was from 2 through 4 year olds.

Tip: With younger children, we usually just ask them to close their eyes as they generally dislike being blindfolded. Also write the name of each child on the clowns nose before you start the game, so later on they can see who got the closest.

Newspaper Dance

This game can be played by as few as 4 children, all the way up to 40.

What you need:

– a sheet of newspaper for each player

– music to dance to

– enough floor space

Each child starts out with their newspaper spread out on the floor in front of them. When the music plays the child can dance around the newspaper, or even on it, when the music is paused everyone must quickly jump on to their newspapers. Before the music starts up again, each child must fold the newspaper in half, one time. The process is repeated, and each time the music stops all the dancers must be completely on their newspaper. As the newspaper becomes “smaller”, it becomes more challenging to not touch the floor when the music is paused.

Soon the newspaper becomes too small to stand on with two feet and the dancers must balance on one foot, then on their toes. The judge must make sure that none of the dancers are touching the floor.

The last player or few players who can balance for 10 seconds after the newspaper has been folded 6 times is the winner.

Tip: If you play this game with players being “eliminated” if they touch the floor, you can ask them to be judges and help you make sure all the players are on their newspapers and are playing fairly.

Balloon Stomp

This is a game you’ll want a lot of space for. Also be ready for a fair bit of noise, and to pick up the broken balloons afterwards.

What you need:

– a balloon for each player

– string to tie the balloon on to the players ankle if round balloons are used

– plenty of space

Each child has a balloon tied around their ankle. We usually use the long balloons we use for balloon sculpting, but round balloons can also be used, you’ll just need some string to tie it on to their ankle. On the “start” signal all the players try to stomp and pop the other players balloons all the while protecting their balloon from being stepped on. Hands cannot be used in this game.

Once a players balloon has popped, they must sit on the side and cannot continue playing the game. The last player with their balloon in tact wins the game.

Tip: This game works best in a larger room where there’s space to run around. It can also work on a grass lawn, though balloons may pop faster outdoors. I would recommend this game for children 5 years and older. It’s a great game for big people too, so long as you don’t mind the sound of popping balloons.

Children’s Party Venue – Zest Cantina in Roppongi

We recently performed at a birthday party hosted at a cozy yet spacious restaurant in Roppongi. This was the first time for us to do a show at Zest Cantina (Roppongi), and we were pleasantly surprised by how much space we had to work with. There was plenty of room for us to play musical chairs, balloon loop relay and to put on our show for the 15 or so six-year olds.

The restaurant boasts a southwest atmosphere and delicious Tex-Mex food. While we didn’t try out their menu it did look delicious, and the atmosphere was very relaxed and seemed great for a children’s party (ages 5, 6 and older). There are 7 other Zest restaurants throughout Tokyo, but we’re not sure how much party space the other branches have. We did however want to share our findings on the Iikura/Roppongi Zest restaurant, as you may find it suits your needs for your child’s next birthday party.

Follow this link for more info on Zest Cantina in Roppongi:

If you’d like us to entertain your children at your next social gathering or birthday party, check out our party programs by following this link.

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