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The Ninja Show


Lets Party Tokyo brings you another action packed party program that your energetic kids will love—the Ninja Show!


The Ninja Show

In this party package, two Ninja performers will take your kids on a Ninja-training adventure. We will start off with some stretches before we head into our strength training (push-ups), basic Karate class, balance training (walking across a tightly stretched rope, on the floor), agility training (jumping over and ducking under balloon obstacles) and disguise tactics (Uzura-gakure).


Origami Shuriken

We include a fun Ninja Star/Shuriken-making origami lesson, followed by a Shuriken throwing contest. Each child takes home the Shuriken they made as a keepsake!


The Magic Class

The Magic Class is a unique program that allows your child and all your guests to gain some intriguing new skills while also enjoying an entertaining magic show.


Here’s a simple overview of the magical skills your child will learn and the accompanying kit for each party attendee:


Magic Kit: We’ll teach your child not only how the magic is done, but they will also receive their own kit so they can continue practicing on their own. The kit includes a short length of rope, a deck of cards, a magic wand, a pack of crayons, all combined in a zip-lock bag, which is also used in one of the routines.


Sleight of Hand and Misdirection: These are skills apprentice magicians must master, and we teach the basics of how it works and when to use it.


Showmanship: We teach kids not only the mechanics of how a magic trick is done, but also how to make the magic interesting.


With each magic routine, first we perform the magic routine, then we ask the audience to guess how it’s done. This is followed by a detailed explanation and another run-through of the routine from a different angle. Finally, we hand out the props to the audience and practice the routine altogether, before moving on to our next demonstration.


Coming Soon… the Pirate Party Program

Leo (4 years old) & Taiki ( 2 years old) with Pirate balloon swords, belts and hats

We’ve been wanting to make a program like this for a while now, and we’re happy to say that it’s almost ready. The Pirate Party program will be an adventure filled program which we’re sure your child and all your young guests will enjoy.

A pirate hat, sword and belt made out of balloons is almost all you need to look like a sea dog

The details of the Pirate Program will be posted here on our blog, and will also be listed along with our other services here. If you just can’t wait and want the details of this brand-new party program you can call us at: 080 3272 5194 or you can write us at :

The No-makeup Option

There are times that less is more, or at least better and that applies for clown makeup as well. This is especially true whenthere are young children who don’t have a concept of clowns, who have never met one before, and who might be frightened of a clown with a painted face.

When you book us for a show, you always have the option of requesting “no-makeup”, if you think some of the children might be frightened by clowns with painted faces. Very young children, even if it is their first time to meet a clown will warm up to us. But for very young children, we’ve found that putting on less makeup, or even just wearing our colorful costumes is better.

If your child is not so fond of clowns, but you’re looking for some magic and balloon entertainment, we do that as well. We’re still our funny selves, but we can tone down the clown look, and show up as a colorfully dressed “Balloon Man”. Let us know what you’re looking for, and as always we’re happy to adjust what we do to meet your specific needs.



Santa Clause is Coming to Tokyo

That’s right, Santa is coming to town! Let’s Party Tokyo proudly presents a Santa Program in which Santa delivers presents and balloons to the children, and where each child has the chance to sit on Santa’s lap for a photo. If you’d like to find out more about this great program follow the link below. Santa has a busy December so contact us today.

Christmas Sale Going, Going…

We also have just 2 more days on the Christmas Sale, where you have the chance to get 2,000 yen or 5,000 yen OFF your December bookings. Many are booking us using the discount code found on our blog page, and our December calendar is filling up, so if you’d like to book us for December call or write us today!

Unique Requests?

Maybe you’re planning a Christmas party for your international pre-school, or you’re organizing a children’s day for your company, or  you’ll be having a big all afternoon event and you’re wondering what to do for entertainment. Give us a call and see if one of our programs can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. If you see something you like on our services page, but need something a little different, ask us about it and we may just be able to make the adjustments you’re hoping for.

For a full listing of all our programs click here.


The Birthday Party Program – What It’s Really Like

If you’ve been to our website and checked our party packages you may have an idea of what to expect. However we wanted to share with you a bit more on what to expect from our show, especially for those who have not yet seen our performance.

We have a flexible performance that can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. The venue, the children’s age, the number of children and many other things can affect the flow of a party. So while the following is the order in which we usually do our performance, we can and often do make changes and adjustments upon the parents request.

> Intro – We like to start off by running in and introduce ourselves to everyone with high fives and handshakes,  this allows us to also get the children warmed up to our colorful and unique personalities. We often “look for” the birthday boy or girl which immediate get’s all the children involved in showing us exactly where they are.

> Games – We then go into interactive games as it helps to release all that positive energy children have so much of. Our games are fun and active. We often play games that include music like, musical chairs, freeze dance (musical statues), which greatly adds to the party atmosphere.

> Magic – Being clowns our whole performance has a touch of comedy, and this includes the magic portion of our show. The birthday child is chosen to be the assistant for most of the magic we perform. Some of the magic performances you can look forward to when booking us are,

– The Bunny and the Carrot – done with silks, handkerchiefs and with a clear message to eat vegetables

– The Magically restored trump card – performed with the birthday child as assistant

– the Missing water comedy and magic routine – the water actually does disappear after a few mishaps by the clown assistant.

– The Invisible Gun comedy and magic routine – this also calls on the birthday child who learns to shoot balloons with an invisible gun.

These are just a some of the magic we perform during the parties, but wait we don’t want to spoil all the surprises 🙂

> Balloons – After the end of our magic show, we then start the balloon making by sculpting a deluxe balloon set for the birthday child. He/she will receive a triple braided balloon hat, with sword and belt, or  a huge braided heart with their favorite animal inside, or something equally fancy with multiple balloons. Then each child gets a chance to request a balloon sculpture in their favorite color.

> Face painting – if you’ve requested face painting, then one of the clowns will begin painting while the other performer makes balloons. We use professional water based face paints that washes off easily with water.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our children’s entertainment services visit:

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