Entertaining at Family Day Events

Loony & Smiley making some magic with a young assistant at Infosys

We had the pleasure of performing at some fantastic Family Day events last month, at Lenovo Japan, Infosys Japan, Hogan Lovells, and Daiwashoken.  With families back in Tokyo after the summer holidays, it seemed like the right time to host Family Day events, where spouses and children are able to see where dad works and have some fun while their at it.


Loony the Clown painting some beautiful designs at the Infosys event

Our performance varied from office to office, but during each of our Family Day shows, we organized some fun action games that would include the parents as well as the kids.


Watching the parents during the “Balloon Loop Relay”, and fencing with balloon swords while blind-folded, had the whole room cheering with excitement. We also had a great time performing our magic, making balloons and painting some cool face-paint designs.


One of the great things about these events, is that it can be a wonderful opportunity for managers and employees to bond together in a relaxed atmosphere. The children can also get some great entertainment and enjoy a memorable day at their dad or mom’s workplace.


If you’re looking for some great entertainment for your company’s Family Day event, contact us through our website or write us at letspartytokyo@gmail.com


Balloon Art & Magic Show for ISE Promotion

The wonderful people at International School of English in Tama Plaza invited us again for the Tama Plaza summer festival, which was held on July 30th and 31st.  We had the pleasure of passing out balloons, putting on our magic show and also helped to pass out promotional material for their school to all those who passed in front of the school.

Though there were a lot of stalls on the street, the event organizers said that the biggest crowd was always in front of ISE. We had a constant crowd of customers, which gave ISE staff plenty of time to talk to those interested in learning English.

If you’re interested in hiring us for a promotional event, contact us at: letspartytokyo@gmail.com or call us at: 080-3272-5194


Lets Party Tokyo Performers passing out balloons

Looney the Clown with some girls who helped at the ISE stall


Posing with the wonderful ISE people



July Sale – Face-Painting Value Option 50% OFF



Butterflies are popular with the girls

We’re happy to announce that the Extra Value Face-painting option will be on a 50% OFF sale for parties that are planned for the month of July.

This option can be added to either the Party Program 1 or Party Program 2. The fee for the face-painting option is usually 10,000 yen when added to Party Program 1 or 2, but for the month of July it will be at the give-away price of 5,000 yen.

You have all of July to cash in on this great deal! To book us or to find out more about our services visit the following webpage:  http://letspartytokyo.com/programs_services.html


Many kids ask for something on their arm instead of on their face


The No-makeup Option

There are times that less is more, or at least better and that applies for clown makeup as well. This is especially true whenthere are young children who don’t have a concept of clowns, who have never met one before, and who might be frightened of a clown with a painted face.

When you book us for a show, you always have the option of requesting “no-makeup”, if you think some of the children might be frightened by clowns with painted faces. Very young children, even if it is their first time to meet a clown will warm up to us. But for very young children, we’ve found that putting on less makeup, or even just wearing our colorful costumes is better.

If your child is not so fond of clowns, but you’re looking for some magic and balloon entertainment, we do that as well. We’re still our funny selves, but we can tone down the clown look, and show up as a colorfully dressed “Balloon Man”. Let us know what you’re looking for, and as always we’re happy to adjust what we do to meet your specific needs.



Project Ray of Hope

Just before Golden Week we were able to take another 3 day trip to the Tohoku area to bring our show and supplies to those who lost almost everything in the March 11 tsunami and resulting nuclear situation. We want to thank all those who participated in Project Ray of Hope, who helped to purchase toys, books, art supplies and clothing for children, and who also funded our 3 day trip to Fukushima and Iwate prefectures.


For a full account of our 3 trips to the Tohoku area, visit our blog: http://helpeastjapan.wordpress.com/


Overview of Trip to Tohoku & Heading Up North Again

Yuki and Sam delivering donated clothing, food and supplies

Yuki performing at an evacuation center in Aizumisato, Fukushima


Children enjoying the magic and balloon show

Thanks to your generous support and encouragement, during our 3 day trip we were able to visit and perform our show at 7 evacuation centers, and drop off supplies at 3 other centers.

We traveled a total of 1,003 km, and were able to deliver all the donated items. Some items we delivered direct to evacuation centers in Fukushima, most of the clothes, lotion and assorted items were delivered to 3 locations in Yamamotocho, Miyagi. We passed on the blankets to a volunteer team we worked with, who were heading to Sendai, as the center there needed them.

Most of the people we performed for were evacuated from around the Daichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima. Several mothers thanked us for making the children laugh and smile, she said that they haven’t known if it’s ok to laugh and smile, but she’s happy to see them happy after our show. We are so thankful for this chance to meet with and to perform for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami, and we hope that we’ll be able to make another trip to encourage many others.

If you’d like to see more photos and have a more detailed account of our trip, please visit our blog: http://helpeastjapan.wordpress.com/

Yuki and Sam will be heading up to Iwate prefecture tonight as we have at least 3 more shows at evacuation centers on Monday. It’s a short trip, but we’re hoping to encourage as many as we can.

Preparing to Deliver Supplies and Perform for Children at Evacuation Centers

We’re planning to take a van load of much needed supplies to evacuation centers in Fukushima and surrounding areas on April 2nd. We’ll also put on a simple show of magic and balloon art for the children at these centers. Our hope is that the supplies that have been donated can reach the centers where they are most needed, and that our show will help to relieve stress and help to cheer up the children who are at these centers.

We will be picking up donated Rossignol Ski jackets (8 boxes), 100 towels, and have already received warm blankets and other items from our neighbors. We’re very thankful for the generosity and encouragement from our friends which is making this trip possible. We’ll be posting updates on our trip to Fukushima here on this blog.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Crisis.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
Mother Teresa

Read more:http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/m/mother_teresa_2.html#ixzz1I428xkqB

Party Venue in Ebisu – Happy Days International Preschool

Doofy the Clown performing at Happy Days International

We’ve had the pleasure of putting on our show at Happy Days International Preschool a number of times, and overall it’s an ideal party venue.  One of the great things is that your child does not have to be attending the school in order for you to book their spacious room for a party. Here are a few more pros this venue has going for it:

– You’re free to bring food and drinks to serve to your young guests, as well as any parents who are also joining in on the celebrations.

– There is ample room for action games, and there’s even some play equipment.

– It’s only a 10 minute walk from Ebisu station


For more info regarding booking Happy Days International school room for your party, you can reach them at the following numbers:

Tel: 03-3446–1540

Fax: 03-3446-1547



3-9-20 Ebisu

Ebisu Garden East Building 2F

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Donating to a Good Cause

Over the last 10 years, Let’s Party Tokyo performers have been actively involved in various charity projects from visiting retirement homes, performing for special needs children and organizing present drives. Which is why we were happy to donate our time and services when a member of Room to Read gave us an opportunity to help with their upcoming fundraiser.

We’ll be donating a 60 minute program, where 2 clowns will perform comedy magic, make fantastic balloons, and lead exciting games. Our show will be auctioned at the Room to Read 2011 Gala Dinner Fundraiser on April 9th, which will be held at Tokyo American Club. For information on the innovative work being done to by Room to Read to promote and enable global education, visit their website:  http://www.roomtoread.org/

A Few Tips on Party-Proofing Your Living Room

If you have a child chances are that your home is already child-proof, which means you’re only a few steps away from party-proofing your living room.

It’s one thing to have your children and a few of their friends over for a play date, but it can be something entirely different to have 15 of their classmates over for action games, crafts and snacks. If you’re hosting the party in your home, be sure that it’s party proof and that you’ve taken the necessary precautions so that your young guests can play safely and so that you can have peace of mind.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

– The night before the party, walk through your home and take the route the children may take from the entrance to the living room, bathroom and your child’s bedroom. (It’s likely they’ll make their way there.) Make sure that any potentially breakables and other valuable items you don’t want to take any risks with are stored away.

– If you’re planning on playing games and doing activities in the living room, create sufficient space and make sure sharp edges on furniture are covered or arrange them in such a way to prevent an accident from happening.

– If you have a carpeted living room, you may want to consider taping a large tarp over the area that will be used for play and snacks.

– Safety gates, set up at strategic places will help to keep the young guests in the designated party area.

The above are just a few basic pointers for party proofing a living room. We’d love to hear any ideas you have on this topic, so please feel free to share them in the comments section.

Stay tuned for new services and packages which will be coming soon.

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