The Magic Class

The Magic Class is a unique program that allows your child and guests to gain some intriguing new skills while also enjoying an entertaining magic show.
Here’s a simple overview of the fascinating tricks your child will learn and the accompanying kit that we give to each child:
Magic Kit:
Each child gets their own kit so they can practice at home and show off their new skills. The kit includes a short length of rope, a deck of cards, a magic wand, and a pack of crayons all combined in a zip-lock bag. (The bag is also used in one of the magic tricks.) (more…)

The Ninja Show

Let’s Party Tokyo brings you another action-packed party program that’s sure to be a hit with ninja warriors of all ages.

Ninja Training

Legendary Ninjas Black Panther and Pink Shadow take your kids on a Ninja-training adventure. Starting with some stretches, we head into our strength training (push-ups), Karate drills, balance training (walking across a rope stretched tightly across…the floor), agility exercises (jumping over and ducking under balloon obstacles), and disguise tactics (Uzura-gakure). (more…)