The Magic Class

The Magic Class is a unique program that allows your child and guests to gain some intriguing new skills while also enjoying an entertaining magic show.
Here’s a simple overview of the fascinating tricks your child will learn and the accompanying kit that we give to each child:
Magic Kit:
Each child gets their own kit so they can practice at home and show off their new skills. The kit includes a short length of rope, a deck of cards, a magic wand, and a pack of crayons all combined in a zip-lock bag. (The bag is also used in one of the magic tricks.) (more…)

The Ninja Show

Let’s Party Tokyo brings you another action-packed party program that’s sure to be a hit with ninja warriors of all ages.

Ninja Training

Legendary Ninjas Black Panther and Pink Shadow take your kids on a Ninja-training adventure. Starting with some stretches, we head into our strength training (push-ups), Karate drills, balance training (walking across a rope stretched tightly across…the floor), agility exercises (jumping over and ducking under balloon obstacles), and disguise tactics (Uzura-gakure). (more…)

Star Warriors Program

  Let’s Party Tokyo brings you another exciting party program that will make your child’s birthday party a blast. Star Wars fans and fans in the making, you can be certain you’ll enjoy this show. If you’re looking for a program that will not just entertain but get the kids involved in crafts and action games as well, look no further.  

The Star Warriors Show

Two heroic performers in Jed Knight costume take the young Padewans on an intergalactic adventure: (more…)