The Clown Show

Looking for the best clowns in Tokyo? Let’s Party Tokyo clowns are energetic and fun with a very interactive performance! They will have your children participating in exciting and interactive games, magic and balloon art. Give your child the best birthday with Let’s Party!



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to prepare anything for the performance?
A: Yes, please have a CD player available for our games and magic.

Q: Do you perform at restaurants?
A: Yes, our performers are very versatile and can adapt the program according to your location. To get the most out of our performance a restaurant with more space is most conducive to a great show.

Q: My child is scared of clowns with make up, is it possible to have your clowns come dressed in their costumes without the face paints?
A: We have run into these situations a number of times, with younger children being afraid of the clowns’ painted faces, and have performed without the face paints. Please let us know if you’d prefer this option.

Q: There are certain games that I would like to have incorporated into your program, such as pass the parcel and a piƱata. Would that be possible?
A: Of course! Please feel free to contact us to customize your child’s birthday party.


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