The Princess Party

A Magical Party for Your Little Princess!
The enchanting Fairy Princess will provide princess themed face-painting and balloon sculptures for all at your Princess Party!

Pirate Program

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to prepare anything for the performance?
A: Please prepare a table and two chairs so that the birthday-party fairy can set up a face painting station, also prepare a bottle of non-chilled water, and a CD player for music. 

Q: Do you have a maximum limit of children attendees for your princess party program?
A: Yes, a 60-minute princess party program has a maximum limit of 15 children. This ensures that the birthday-party fairy will be able to create a princess balloon for each child, and provide princess face painting for each of your guests. If you are expecting more than 15 children we recommend 30 to 60 minutes added to the party program depending on the additional number of guests. (A fee is requested for the additional time.)

Q: What will the birthday-party fairy and Pirate/Clown do at my child’s princess party?
A: The birthday-party fairy and Clown/Pirate will come in full costume and will start off by making a special balloon for the birthday person (5 min), after that there will be some fun dancing games and a Magic Show. Lastly there will be princess balloons and face painting for all the children.

Q: What is the ideal age for the birthday-party fairy program?
A: The ideal age range for the birthday-party fairy program is 5 to 8 year olds. Younger-aged children will also enjoy this program; however, parents of young children should stay nearby in order to help with kiddy control as needed.

Pirate Program
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